Illustrator, painter, ghost, cat owner

Awesome movies, method acting and some really fabulous hair. A celebration of Nicolas Cage in the form of a 28 all-color pages zine and a collection of stickers.
Stick to art
A Celebration of contemporary women artists. In stickers!
Life After Life
VERO NAVARRO - LIFE AFTER LIFE ART SHOW DECEMBER 11 – JANUARY 21 - 2015 Vero Navarro’s “Life After Life” sails between a well-known world, with warm drawings, of soft, sensual and attractive lines, and another much deeper and hidden world, in which the subconscious and intuition of the author owns the scene, with an indomitable and boundless inner strength.
Illustrations from various group shows between 2015 - 2016
2017 Calendar
2017 calendar
Hipster Bones
Coloured pencils and gouache over canson toned paper.
The Everyday Struggle
Personal work done with coloured pencils over kraft paper. 60 x 21 cms.
A compilation of portraits done with coloured pencils over kraft paper.
The Bone Constellation
Piece for the Light Grey Art Lab gallery group show Macro + Micro. Done with coloured pencils over kraft paper.
Stars will fall tonight
Illustration done with coloured pencils over kraft paper. 30 x 45 cms
The Drummer
This is a clay puppet I did back in 2009 for a collective exhibition about handmade characters. The show was curated by the cool people from Mediodía Chica, an artists club located in Madrid and counted with the participation of dozens of international artists. It was real pleasure to been invited to take part on it. The puppet is fully handmade, from the wire skelleton to the clothes and accesories
Deafening Silence
Personal piece
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